Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Inspirational Author and New Mom, Monica P. Carter Tagore!

Hi, I'm Monica Carter Tagore. I write inspirational fiction under Monica Carter and inspirational nonfiction under Monica Carter Tagore. I've been a professional writer all of my adult life -- first as a journalist, now as an author and owner of a writing and design company. My latest novel is Scandalous Truth, the story of a woman whose world is rocked when her husband runs for political office and her most guarded secret threatens to come out. How far would you go to protect your most scandalous truth?

2.  What made you decide to become an author?
I've always wanted to be an author, ever since grade school. I realized I wanted to become a professional writer (in other words, to get paid for it) when I was in the fourth grade. So I decided to become a journalist as a means of writing for pay. I did that and also began my literary career while working at a newspaper. 

3. Who are some of your favorite authors?
The list of my favorite authors changes, depending on my mood and what I've read recently. Some perennial favorites are Robert Kiyosaki and John Grisham. I also enjoy books by many of my fellow authors on the Urban Christian line.
4. How are you giving back to the literary community?

I am giving back to the literary community by sharing information to help aspiring and established authors manage the publishing -- business -- side of their careers. I conduct free workshops on publishing and also offer a coaching program, which will soon be available at, our newest site being built. While I do have a traditional publishing deal, I began my career as a self-published author and continue to publish some of my own works. I truly believe self-publishing can be the way to the American Dream of business ownership for a lot of people. If you self-publish, you can share your thoughts and concepts, while also building a real business. 

5. Give one tip you would give new authors?

It's the tip I give anyone who tells me she wants to write, and it is this: Put your rear-end in the seat and write. Lots of people talk about writing but never get around to actually doing it. So the first thing is to put in the time and get the writing done. 

6. Who, What, When and Where is your next event?

I took a hiatus from travel and offline events this year to have a baby. Online events will be announced at, once that site is up at the beginning of 2010. 

7. What is the biggest lesson you've learned since becoming an author?

The biggest lesson I've learned is that writing is only part of the equation if you want to be successful. You must take care of the business side of your writing -- marketing, publishing, etc. When I help clients and authors see this, they can better manage their careers.

8. Suggest a preferred literary service. (i.e. publishing, printing, editing, marketing, accessories, etc.)

Of course I would have to suggest my own literary service, RootSky Creative. We ghostwrite, edit and design books. We also manage the entire publication process for clients who prefer a one-stop shop. In that case, we write the book, edit it, design it, secure ISBN and other technical details, and find an appropriate printer. Our main Web site, which has information about our Web site design, graphic design and book writing and design services. Starting at the beginning of 2010, you will be able to check out for book and literary services, as well as informative articles. 

9. What genre do you consider yourself?

I write inspirational (also known as Christian) fiction, which always has an element of self-discovery for the main character. I also write inspirational nonfiction, which helps readers discover, learn or improve something about themselves. My nonfiction title is Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets.

10. Where can your work be found?

My books are in brick and mortar bookstores, online bookstores such as, and also available at  My contact information is Monica Carter Tagore, RootSky Creative, P. O. Box 52482
Shreveport, LA 71135,, (318) 364-8413

Monica, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to allow us to get to know you a little better. Congrats on your new book, your business and congrats on your new bundle of joy! We look forward to hearing from you in the future and reading your work. ~~Literary Wonders!

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to visit with you -- and your readers! May you have a wonderful and joyous New Year.