Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meet Author "Simply" Sue Speaks!

 “Touching Lives and Changing Hearts"                                           
As a gifted international motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, and author,
Sue Falcone uses her unique presentation of humor and energy to touch lives and
change hearts.

Skilled as a former AT&T Training Executive, and Direct Sales Business Owner, Sue is a
Dale Carnegie Speaker/Trainer graduate, certified from the Zig Ziglar Leadership
Training Group, and a Bob Pike Creative Training Techniques graduate.

As a speaker for more than thirty years with a vast background in communications,
sales and marketing, financial counseling, time management, writing, and personal
spiritual growth; Sue is available for business seminars, conferences, retreats,
workshops, network groups, senior groups, recovery groups, direct sales groups,
mother-daughter events, community groups, and as a key note speaker for fundraisers.

Sue is married to Carmen, and together they have a blended family of 4 awesome
children, and 6 fabulous grandchildren.  She loves the beach, walking, music, climbing
lighthouses, reading, and helping others. 

 Do You Need H.E.L.P.?  
H- Hope-Facing Down the Spirit of Fear:  Where does fear come from in your life?  Is it controlling your life?  Sue shares 7 steps to face and overcome your fear based on her new book, The Lighthouse of Hope-A Day by Day Journey to Fear Free Living.
            E- Encouragement- Develop Your Vision and Live Your Dreams!- To all ages, we are             called to have a vision.  Just as the Caterpillar knows what it will take to become a Butterfly,   Sue will help you learn what it will take for you to be living your dreams now!
            L-Life Direction- Are You Living Recession Proof ? -  Is that possible?          Yes, it is!  Listen and learn as Sue shares how to be debt free and love it! A new            beginning is waiting for your finances!
P-Purpose-"A Fork in the Road”: Have you come to a point where you cannot    chose the path for the journey?  Are you not making the choices and decisions you   need to make? Come and see how Sue can help put you back on the right road of life.

        Other presentations for specific groups are available, as well as customized services.   

Illegitimate, born in crisis, and not expected to live, Sue had spent a lifetime avoiding her fears.  She journeyed through an abusive childhood, the stress of divorces, and single parenting, as well as raising stepchildren.  Then facing job redirection, heavily overweight, and deep in debt, Sue hit rock bottom. Through this healing journey, her book, The Lighthouse of Hope was born.  

As a child I loved to read, and would get lost in my books to avoid the situation I was raised in.  I loved to dream of writing books that others would want to read, even though I had no encouragement or support from anyone.
        I love John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Barbara Johnson, and Danielle Steel (I know there must be a novel in me somewhere)
        I have a monthly Inspired Writers Group that meets the 1st Sat of the month.  All are invited and there is no fee to join. The last meeting was 12/5 10am-Noon at my home
        I write a weekly blog, and I also publish a weekly E-Newsletters featuring special friends. I love sharing encouragement everywhere I

        A tip that I would give to new writers would be before you publish decide: Are you a Speaker Who Writes, or A Writer Who Speaks? They are two different paths. I am definitely A Speaker Who Writes! Also know you are going to have to develop some sales and marketing skills no matter what. You also need a Brand and a Logo
        My current calendar consists of “Celebrate Dec 7- What Does It Mean to You? Celebrating The Changing Role of Women in Business” We will be honoring nominated Women in Business. I will be the Keynote Speaker sharing: Willing to Change, so All Can WIN! The event is hosted by: Eagle Resourcing Networks. Visit
        The biggest lesson I’ve learned since becoming an author is that you need to build your following; local, regional, and national in that order. Do not attempt to go national without having a local and regional market in place.
        I offer H.E.L.P.- Hope, Encouragement, Life Direction, and Purpose which can cross over many venues. My book, the Lighthouse of Hope- A Day by Day Journey to Fear Free Living is considered a Devotional, but it is much more.  It deals only with facing and overcoming FEAR and I also share my story and offer hope and challenges to my readers, so it becomes a teaching tool and resource.
        My book is available on-line with all the major booksellers.  It is also available at Lifeway, Borders, Family Christian Stores well as directly from my website at or through my e-mail  I am offering a Christmas special- only available from me: buy two- get one FREE.
        I am also a featured author at  and was featured in the Spirit & Heart Series. I also contribute to many on-line publications. I have done many Radio and a TV Interviews.

        You can contact me by going to my website and Blog-,
e-mail, follow me and You can also subscribe to my weekly E-Newsletter by sending me your e-mail address. See me live at Interview with TCT-TV, and my recent workshop at the WELL Women Conference! Also see me live at: I did the show on Monday!
        Sue’s preferred literary service is WinePress. I am totally sold on Self Publishing. There are more options available now that I have learned about since I started.  I used WinePress Publishing Group out of Washington State, and I have a great book that I am very proud  and pleased with.

        Anyone who comes in contact with Sue will truly find her a blessing and an inspiration. Her story is amazing! Thank you Sue! ~~Literary Wonders!

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