Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet Christian Fiction Author Sharon Oliver

I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland and have been a resident of the Atlanta area for the past 15 years.  My genre of writing is Christian fiction, in particular mystery and humor.  Aside from some freelance writing, I am currently working on a psychological thriller and a mystery series.

The decision to become and author was made for me.  I worked my whole adult life in the federal government and never aspired to be a writer.  However, reading has always been a passion of mine and the desire to write was birthed in 2003.  Clearly, God ordered my steps. My genre of writing is Christian fiction, specifically mystery and humor.

Some of my favorite authors are J. California Cooper, Agatha Christie and Elaine Viets to name a few.  There are so many who I admire for their storytelling.

One thing I like to do is keep email contacts.  When I find something of particular interest to an individual I will email them the info and share resources.

To new authors, I would say network and research all you can.  It is an absolute must.

I’m still learning, but will share this – an author’s work does not stop with writing.  Authors will have to market their product and it is just as time consuming and hard as penning.  But it is overwhelmingly worth and fun to do.

For preferred literary services, I would suggest sites such as this one;(literarywonders.com), sormag.com, urbanchristiantoday.com.  There are many, many literary related venues out there to help get one’s name out.  Search out Blogspots and Blog Talk Radio, literary magazines and even some book clubs will feature authors.

You can find my work at booksellers everywhere including, Barnes & Noble, Borders, amazon.com, half.com, independent bookstores, etc.

My email address is: olivershar7@aol.com, The website is: http://www.sharonoliver.net and I’m also on Facebook (Sharon Oliver).

Thank you Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedule. We look forward to reading Deliver Me From My Enemies and Keep Your Enemies Closer! ~~Literary Wonders!

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