Thursday, December 24, 2009

Soon to Hit The Scene, Christian Author Sha Lognion!

At the age of nine, a journal given as a gift from a relative opened Sha’s mind to the idea of not using it for journaling, but for writing a book, and that’s exactly what she did.  She wrote her first mystery novel at the age of nine titled “Who’s at the Front Door?”
Later in life, Sha became a freelance writer and spoken word poet. In 2002, “Mind Over Matter” was born, a collection of short stories.   But due to numerous setbacks, and many disappointments from the publishing world, “Mind Over Matter” was never published. 
Sha didn’t give up her dream of writing.  As a matter of fact, she pursued it even more, except this time, instead of mysteries; she focused on her faith, which led Sha to write “Made Me Who I Am”, her Spring, 2010, debut Christian novel, under her publishing imprint, Rarer Than Rubies Publishing.
Putting  God first and focusing on him has helped Sha find her way in the literary world, and with a little faith and support from family and friends, she has been writing nonstop, novel after novel.  She currently lives in San Antonio, TX with her loving husband and two beautiful children.  She plans to release her second novel “God, Are You Listening” in July 2011.
Sha would like her readers to know that if you put God first and let him order your steps, success is a given.  Always remember, God is in control.
As a little girl reading helped me escape from my reality.  I thought it would be awesome to be able to help other young girls escape from their world.  So I became an author to help inspire others. My genre is YA Christian Fiction.

Victoria Christopher Murray, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, and Toni Morrison are a few of my favorite authors.
In 2010, I will be having my first annual conference for young ladies.  At this conference, I will help inspire the ladies to read more, write more, and hopefully help them realize the power of literature one book at a time.
My advice for new authors is, don’t look to the left or the right, but straight ahead!
My next event will be my release party in April 2010 at The Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR.

Since becoming and author, I’ve learned that patience is really important!
Soon, you will be able to find my work at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and  just about anywhere books are sold. You can contact me via email at, and coming in January look for my official website.
Sha’s preferred literary service is Debbie Perdue, and Tara Thalen of Illumination Graphics.

Thank you for introducing yourself to our audience Sha! We look forward to great things to you in 2010! ~~Literary Wonders!

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